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A familiar feeling settled at the pit of her stomach as the plane landed. Nervousness and excitement to see him again, coupled with a pinch of fear. Would he be there? Would he arrive in time? She didn’t try to calm herself; she knew it would be futile. Instead she went along with it, letting the feeling overtake her. In a way, she even welcomed it. He was the only man who was able to ignite such strong emotions inside her and she relished them all, even the negative ones.


She felt her mind racing with thoughts and fantasies, slowly disassociating from her body. She rose absently along with the other passengers and got off the plane, following the crowd. Her legs were aching slightly from being immobile for several hours and walking felt good. She passed the check-in and waited by the conveyor belt to get her suitcase. Afterwards she passed through the gate, along with several others. Most of them were pale enough to be native, unlike her, whose olive-toned skin made her look noticeably foreign.


She shook off absent thoughts, becoming alert of her surroundings. I have to find him in a crowd, she thought, I have to be careful. Nevertheless, the people standing at the gate were fewer than she had expected and she saw him immediately. He had already seen her, because he was beaming widely with happiness and his face was noticeably flushed. She laughed with joy and walked to his direction, feeling her own face blush, her legs becoming weaker, her hands trembling.


They embraced tightly. Due to their considerable difference in height, her head ended up buried in his chest, but she didn’t mind at all. She inhaled, taking his scent in deeply, wanting to memorise it. She was only starting to realize just how much she’d missed him. As long as they were apart, she had been suppressing in unconsciously, trying to minimize the pain, the longing, even though she could still feel it. Now, the sensation of her body against hers and the sight of his handsome, kind face overwhelmed her.


She felt the tears coming unbridled to her eyes, just as he lifted her head gently to look at her. His own eyes were watering, but she was always the more emotional of the two. He stroked her hair, then kissed her wet cheeks and his tenderness made her weep again, a silent sob wracking her body. She hugged him again, even more tightly, not wanting to leave any space between them, and kissed his lips sweetly. He was always shy of showing too much affection in public, so she resisted deepening the kiss, as much as she wanted to.


He broke their kiss for a moment, whispering “I love you” to her and she felt her heart fluttering with joy.

“Oh…I love you too”, she responded, her voice weak and trembling. She felt like saying more. You’re so beautiful. I need you so much. I’d die without you. Please, don’t ever leave me. However, she resisted. This was not the time. There would be a time when they’d finally be alone in bed, after the pleasure and the passion. It would be perfect.